Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nappy lab

I am currently on a two week unpaid sabbatical known as “paternity leave”. The purpose of this break is to keep Mrs. Lemming sane and happy, and one of the major components is addressing the nappy question.

Above are the various options available. There is the basic cloth nappy, the disposable nappy, and the hi-tech eco-yuppy excrement management system that got sent to us from the US. It is my job to experimentally determine the best use for all of our shit-stopping assets before I go back to work. If anyone’s interested, I can do a more extensive description of the bonuses or deficiencies of each, possibly including some semi-quantitative data. Or, I can get cracking on the lead isotopic evolution post. Any requests?

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Remotely Mars said...

Well, I for one, would love to hear your results. I have my own opinions on which ones do the best job of containing the biohazard waste, but it is always nice to have independent research on the topic.