Saturday, April 21, 2007

Conservative reply to Sciencewoman

I admire Sciencewoman’s ability as a scientist, her honest in blogging, and her generosity in sharing her work / motherhood juggle under difficult circumstances. However, I suspect that we disagree on politics. She recently posted pictures of baby clothes in support of the pro-censorship group Momsrising, whose philosophy seems to include teaching their daughters that the correct response to having their feelings hurt is to get the offender fired.

In the interest of expressing diverse political viewpoints between science bloggers, here is my response.

Note that I used computer effects, since I can’t afford to politicize my daughter’s entire wardrobe.


DrOtter said...

I particularly like Dad's taxes paying for college. I do hope your onesies never get censored - would be terrible if all the sheep had to cover up, or all the ducklinks had to wear swimtrunks.
Politically, I probably pick from both of your pictures - honest wages for honest work, fair family leave (that is fair to people without young children also), no fed files on us, and I am a person too (not just a web stat).
Ah well. Good luck with the nappies.

ScienceWoman said...

I wouldn't say our politics are completely opposite. "The feds have me on file" is one of my worries too.

C W Magee said...

Thing is, though, the reason that LLLL is on file with the (Aus) feds is that we signed her up for the state health care system on friday. Now, this country hasa very effective health care system, so I don't mind, but one consequence of using it is that every doc appointment, script written, and rebate paid for her gets stored in a central government computer somewhere.

This government is currently planning on centralizing all government owned information into a single system. They say it won't be a national ID card, and they say it won't be mandatory to participate, but their definition of "optional" means that people are free to opt out as long as they forgo their health cover, college loans, student stipends, and welfare.
Its just another one of a million things for a new dad to worry about at night.