Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cosmochemistry treasure trove

While looking for a good online Pb isotope evolution curve, I stumbled across the Planetary Science Research Discoveries site. It is an archive of popular science explanations of research papers in the planetary science and cosmochemistry field.

I've read a bunch of these articles, and they are brilliant. This is great, because I've been wanting to summarize some of these topics, but now I have found that people much more eloquent that I have already done so. All I need to do is link them.

So, here are some lovely writeup on:
Dating the earliest solar system condensates
Galactic migration and presolar grains
Gas giant migration hypothesis for the late heavy bombardment

I'm happy to field questions about any of these, although my ability to answer questions about orbital modelling is fairly limited.

Disclaimer: Geoff Taylor has collaborated with the scientists I work for and has visited our lab. None of these articles relate to that research.

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