Thursday, December 22, 2005

Heat Wave

I dislike summer heat and humidity. The still, sultry air acts like a suffocating blanket, and every lackadaisical exercise session and extra helping of dessert comes back to haunt me in the form of insulating fat cells. If only I'd run ten miles a day and eaten nothing but celery all spring. Oh well, what can one do, but drink water. And pee.

I was actually wondering this evening, if I drink cold water, and pee body-temperature urine, how often would I have to go, in order to lose all my excess heat to the john, thus avoiding the need to sweat?

It's too damn hot to figure it out properly, but assuming a 30 degree difference between intake and output, and assuming 300 kilocalorie/hour of heat production, I'd need to pee 10 liters an hour. At 1/2 a liter per visit, that would be a trip to the lavatory every 3 minutes. I think I'll just sit here and perspire.