Friday, April 20, 2007

Disjoint, sleep-deprived comments

Sean has a nice post at cosmic variance on the difference between science and math.

Thermochronic has talked a bit more about the politics of reviews. I have news as well. Last Monday, I was asked to review a paper. On Tuesday, I got the paper. On Wednesday, Mrs. Lemming went into labor, and I haven’t glanced at anything but the “please complete by” date since.

So I don’t really know what I am going to say yet, but I think I’ll sign it. One the one hand, I don’t like advocating actions I’m not willing to take. Also, as a technician, I don’t live and die by the whims of publishing. I’m actually paid to keep machines running and samples processed. If I end up on the blacklist of an infamous Topeka ubergeologist, it doesn’t really effect my job performance.

Mostly, though, my experience in science is that I’ve never gotten anywhere simply by not stuffing up. All of my jobs, degree acceptances, etc. have come from taking a gamble and pulling something just a little bit crazy off. I’ve never gotten anywhere via the normal channels. So at this point in my career, rattling cages, taking risks, and stirring pots is second nature to me.

Sciencewoman is the amazing researcher/ mother. See her posts on taking a baby to the field and seminars.

I just finished my contribution to a paper during the little one's nap. This is the data reduction/writeup that I was going to do last Wednesday evening.

Chronology of evil media empires: does anyone know how many hours passed between NBC firing Imus and then airing the psychopath tapes? We don’t get that much American news over here, and I’ve been preoccupied. But I'm disgusted enough to trade any NBC shares I might own in for part of some tobacco company.

There were a couple of other really good science blog posts last week while we were in hospital, but I can’t remember where. Any tips/ suggestions?

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