Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The crap app

As civilizations haul themselves out of traditional pre-industrial lifestyles, and into the modern world, they, collectively or individually, need to choose what to modernize and what to keep traditional.  That's fine, and I respect that.  And as an old manual typewriter, chemical film, rotary dial phone fossil, I realize that these things strike many young people of today as being as old fashioned as vacuum tubes, or crank-start engines.  And of course of the the great drivers of mechanization and automation is convenience.  But still, despite knowing these things intellectually, I still have my get-off-my-lawn moments.  So I gotta say.  Asia, you're amazing, and I love my phone and computer chips and clothes and everything else that you make.  And even though I don't like remote controls, I appreciate that others find them handy.  But seriously guys, You don't need them for everything.  And this one strikes me as just a little bit asinine.

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