Saturday, February 22, 2014

Channeling the tide...

Those of its inhabitants who had succeeded in surviving would find themselves at last face to face with the relentlessness of a scarcity of water constantly growing greater, till at last they would all die of thirst, either directly or indirectly; for either they themselves would not have water enough to drink, or the plants or animals which constituted their diet would perish for lack of it... Before this lamentable conclusion was reached, however, there would come a time in the course of the planet's history when water was not yet wanting, but simply scarce and requiring to be husbanded; when, for the inhabitants, the one supreme problem of existence would be the water problem,--how to get water enough to sustain life, and how best to utilize every drop of water they could get.
Percival Lowell, Mars, 1895 


Chris Phoenix said...

Fascinating reading.

Is there any modern theory on why there were regions of polarized light associated with the edge of the retreating ice cap?

C W Magee said...

He says there were NO polarizations detected, doesn't he?