Friday, February 13, 2009

Change we can believe in?

So much for open government.

Hat tip: In it for the gold.


Chris Phoenix said...

That's sick. I mean, I feel literally sick. It reminds me of what happened to PubSCIENCE.

I suspect it's not Obama's fault, but a few people sneaking legislation in under the radar while sane people are worried about other issues.

I've passed on the news to several people who might know people who might be able to help...

Researchers in the university system could ask their deans to ask their presidents to ask for face-to-face meetings with their congresspeople to educate them on just how destructive this law would be. Unless academia is thoroughly sick and broken, this should work - at least to the point of getting congresspeople educated. Whether that will make a difference in how they vote, I don't know.

C W Magee said...
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C W Magee said...

Conyers is useful simply because he gives me an easy target when people tell me how terrible Republicans are.