Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Local Warming

So we’ve just finished our 10th straight day of 30+ weather (86+ in cuneiform), and I’m hot and crankier than usual. January was warm. In fact, the high was 3 degrees above average. I don't know if that is statistically significant; you'd have to ask a mighty climate math god, but it isn't real comfortable.

I have to admit, though, that working in the outback has definitely improved my ability to cope with heat- at least while I’m out side. I’m riding my bike a few days a week now- 18 km each way- and I made it home without water a couple times without too much difficulty. What I don’t like is the hot stifling house. It was regularly getting up over 30 inside, and with the outside temperature not dropping until near sunset, it wasn’t much fun.

So last weekend I finally caved in and bought shades for the NW facing windows. They are basically shadecloth rolls that come down over the windows, and they prevent the sun from hitting the glass. Since then, the house hasn’t hit 30 yet- I’d say we’ve saved ourselves a couple of degrees just with the shades. And there’s an additional benefit in that Mrs. Lemming no longer has to be embarrassed that the neighbors can see me walking around in my underwear. Everybody wins.

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Silver Fox said...

That's way hotter inside than I like. Glad you could ease the temp and everyone else at the same time. I hope it cools off some at night for sleeping!