Sunday, August 20, 2006

Poster Apprehension


I’ve overcome my 600% yield (standardization error) and the fact that the last 6 months of data came on 180 printout sheets with no electronic copies to assemble all the data for my poster. My data point has multiplied into four 90 point series. So now all I need to do is put the poster together. And this terrifies me.

The last time I had to do a poster, the process involved color negatives, scissors, and glue. This will be my first poster in the digital age. And I have no idea how to be swish, or colorful, or eye-catching. I’m terrified of putting together a bland, rickety-looking, hard-to-read-from-five-meter old man poster. I understand my subject matter, but the presentation technology is exceedingly intimidating.

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