Sunday, August 27, 2006

Melbourne, part 1

So, I'm about 3 days through a week and a half of back to back conferences in Melbourne. I don't have many coherent thoughts so far, so here are just a few disjointed items:

-The cab ride from the airport to the Agilent headquarters cost just as much as the plane ticket to Melbourne, and took twice as long as the flight.

-Science is big. Confined to my lab and my areas of expertise, it is easy to forget just how much totally different stuff is out there, and that it is all just as complex and pedantic as what I do (if not more so).

-Astronomers don't know shit about planets. If you want to identify a planet, ask a planetary scientist.

-Friday night, Rhys played his entire rack to stretch an eight letter word between two triple word scores, for a whopping 194 pointer (that's scrabble, if you haven't figured that out yet).

-Hanging Rock is an excellent picnic site.

The Agilent conference and the Sunday worship at the MCG were both spectacular in very different ways, and each deserve a full-length blog of their own.


Anonymous said...

Did young girls in white dresses disappear while you were picnicking?

Anonymous said...

How did the poster go?

C W Magee said...

No white girls in young dresses that I saw, but the section of the visitors' centre devoted to the movie was much greater than the small wall panel that glossed over what a trachyte is, and what it implies about the geology.