Saturday, February 10, 2018

Nomination language note

This is a brief update to last week’s post on nominating for society prizes.  There has been some discussion on twitter about biased language in letters of recommendation, particularly for junior women. This was an issue I was vaguely aware of, but didn’t especially delve into deeply at the time.
Our basic approach was to mostly focus on the science, which of course doesn’t have a gender, and explain why the science she did was so exciting. You can see my citation in the previous post. I’m not posting anyone else’s letter on this blog, but I will put the combined word cloud here, along with a list of high frequency words:

Words used ten or more times:
53                                                                                      Jenner
33                                                                                      elements
28                                                                                      data
25                                                                                      paper
23                                                                                      magma
20                                                                                      Frances
19                                                                                      element
18                                                                                      trace
16                                                                                      analytical
16                                                                                      MORB
15                                                                                      O’Neill
15                                                                                      glasses
15                                                                                      work
15                                                                                      new
14                                                                                      analysis
14                                                                                      chalcophile
13                                                                                      quality
12                                                                                      geochemistry
12                                                                                      published
12                                                                                      volcanic
12                                                                                      Carnegie
11                                                                                      differentiation
11                                                                                      magmatic
10                                                                                      papers
10                                                                                      years
10                                                                                      young
10                                                                                      many

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