Friday, July 08, 2011

2011 Arctic Sea Ice minimum predictions

The 2011 sea ice extent betting pool has now closed. Unlike previous years, we no longer have a distinct multimodal betting population. However, despite my advertising the contest on denialist schill sites, nobody has guessed at a final ice extent anywhere near or above the 1979-200 average (on right). On the other hand, we no longer have large guess populations off-screen to the left, as we have in previous years.

Tune in this October to see who wins.

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Daniel Bengtsson said...

When I was a kid the honour and joy of winning wasn't enough. There was always a punishment for the loser aswell. I like that idea and wonder if that's something you'll consider for next year?

I have been following Neven1's blog the last month and I must admit my own (yellow) chances of winning this year looks slim.