Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mineralogical Society of America proposes a position statement on Asbestos

The Mineralogical Society of America has proposed a position statement on Asbestos. The criteria of position statements, as explained on their website are:

A position statement should express or espouse a principle or policy of timely significance to the MSA community. The position statement should be consistent with the purpose of MSA and supportive of the disciplines represented by and activities undertaken by MSA and its endeavors, including its publications (e.g., American Mineralogist, RiMG volumes), its programs (e.g., Lecture Program, Short Courses), and functions (professional society, membership in IMA, etc.). A position statement, in and of itself, should not put at risk the corporate and non-profit status of MSA or commit MSA to undue financial liability or risk.

The proposed statement on asbestos can be found here. Non-anonymous comments are welcome at that site.

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