Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Income Tax Drinking Game

Looking for a way to make your tax return more bearable? Need to make room in the beer section of the fridge? Trying to take your anger of the injustices of the tax system? Want an incentive to get to the end of the next section? Then the Income Tax Drinking Game is for you.
Get your pen and calculator, a glass of your favorite poison, and get stuck in.

SIP: Every time you fill a space on the return with a zero.

SIP: Whenever you don’t understand a set of instructions.

DRAIN THE GLASS: Every time you tear out or download a new form, schedule, or attachment.

SIP: Each time they ask for a form that isn’t provided by employers in your country.

CHUG: Every time you work through a worksheet to determine that it does not apply.

SIP: Every time you need to pick through your bank statements one transaction at a time to determine a value.

CHUG: Every time you find you need a document that is physically impossible to get by April 15.

DRINK YOURSELF TO SLEEP: When you realize that your 2009 salary is less than half of your 2008 salary thanks to the economic damage done by a bunch of greedy bankers halfway around the world.


Silver Fox said...

What if I just go to a tax accountant? Can I drink a beer (whatever) for the number of years I've been doing that?

C W Magee said...

No, your accountant gets to do the drinking on your dime.

It's a hard, cruel game, you see...

Steve Bloom said...

No half measures for me: *My* relative poverty is the result of bankers all the way around the world. So there.

jude said...

Did my tax for the first time in ages last year, and then had eleven months of glow from having done my tax. Now that glow is fading...

Silver Fox said...

Hmm... So that's what he does with all my money!