Friday, September 18, 2009

Health insurance blather

Our health fund recently ran a radio ad, suggesting that their product is superior because they paid out 90% of their rates as benefits. This figure is 5% higher than the industry average here in Australia.

Internet rumor has it that the US is aiming for 80%.

Translated into academic language, if your aspiration is to go from a C to a B-, you'll have a tough time getting an A.


Chris Phoenix said...

What do you mean?!? The US has the best health care system in the world! It must be true because our media tells us so!!!

Seriously, US health care "reform" is an interesting experiment: if an industry gets large enough to buy votes, is there any way that a democratic government can trim it back?

I was recently at a doctor's office that gave something like a 30% discount if you paid directly rather than asking them to submit an insurance claim - that's how much the paperwork costs them.

Must be nice, getting all the health care you pay for.


charlesdowney said...

What possible valid reason or necessity could there be for the creation of a fully government ran health insurance agency? What does Obama and his Liberals gain by pushing this Public Option? What would America gain by having it?