Thursday, August 13, 2009

Phase diagram question

What do you guys use to plot ternary phase diagrams?

Does it run on a PC?

Is it Excel-compatible?

Does it do 3-D (4 component) systems?

Does it correctly plot error ellipses?

If the answer to all those is yes, please let me know.


Kim said...

Hi Chuck -

I saw your question, and my inner petrologist hates having to plot ternary diagrams. I don't plot igneous geochemistry diagrams myself - when I collaborated with a petrologist in Vermont, his students all used Deltagraph, because it was the only plotting software that did ternary plots well at all. I've never found a good way to plot metamorphic ternary diagrams. (But I'm sure other people have - my metamorphic training was with a different crew of metamorphic petrologists than the ones who use ternary diagrams to visualize everything. In fact, I had one professor who had a personal vendetta against ternary diagrams because they were no good for thinking about slopes, and dT/dx was important to his research.)

C W Magee said...

That's what you use the 3-D ones for with either T or G on the z axis...

Rui M said...

i think golden software's grapher does those