Thursday, June 25, 2009

Proof God exists

Recently, every man and his dog has been yammering on about whether atheists should be fundamentalist dickheads or not. As long-time readers of this blog know, two years ago, when my daughter was barely 2 months old, I left my cozy, stable university technical job for a stint as an exploration geologist.

This meant leaving Mrs. Lemming home on her own for up to a month at a time with a very little child and no-one to turn to. Time has passed, and the chaotic unpredictable-by-science economy has come and gone, causing me to get sacked, rehired in a short term contract, and finally unemployed as of three days from now.

As a result, Mrs. Lemming is going from part time work to breadwinning, and I'm becoming the full-time Dr. Daddy. The timing of this change corresponds perfectly with the Littlest Loveliest Lab Lemming's potty training. And that, my friends, can only be described as Divine justice.

As Divine justice implies a divinity, I can only assume that He or She (probably She, considering the situation) is smiling at one member of the Lemming family and laughing at the other.

Edit: due to transition hecticness, this blog is on autopilot for a little while.


Chris Phoenix said...

Heh. If you want to see blind unthinking extremist defense of a destructive system, with little or no connection to religion, look at this comment thread about whether a 25-year prison sentence for murder is appropriate for a death that the defendant had only a very indirect part in.

Does this kind of thinking even exist outside the U.S.? That's not rhetorical - I really want to know if there's something wrong with humans, or with (some fraction of) Americans.

C W Magee said...

Personally, I think a 25 year sentence is appropriate for hijacking a thread on a blog.

Chris Phoenix said...

Sorry, I didn't think I was hijacking. I was following up on your mention of the religious wars.

But it's still OK, because you don't have an actual thread to hijack. I'd think you'd be glad for readers who actually answer you.


C W Magee said...

Well, in answer to your question, the Arizona law is a bit too far out there, but in general, I prefer the idea of homocide during felony to the situation in Australia, where gang members who kill passers-by in shootouts can't be charged with anything more than manslaughter.

Chris Phoenix said...

Yeah, that sounds like a bad extreme in the other direction.


Ps. Enjoy your time with LLLL! I'm sure that, as trying as it is now, you'll look back with gratitude 20 years from now.

rod said...

Condolences on the job loss. Maybe you'll find enough time in between 'daddy duties' to go solve that WoGE167 on Ron Schott's site?!