Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Culturally sensitive sexism

In these days of reconciliation, it seems that being a sexist prick is no longer exclusively the privilege of crusty old white guys. According to the news this morning, aboriginal academics are calling for a book to be pulped because it encourages girls to play the didgeridoo. Says Mark Rose, general manager of the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association:

"I reckon it's the equivalent of encouraging someone to play with razor blades. I would say pulp it."


Chris Phoenix said...

The irony is that the Daring Book for Girls is a real let-down compared to its look-alike, the Dangerous Book for Boys. The boys' version encourages youngsters to hunt, skin, and cook their own small animal. The girls' version encourages them to bake cookies.

If I had a child, of either gender, I'd definitely rather give them the Dangerous Book than the Daring Book.

But I love didgeridoo sounds, wish I could play, and hope more people take it up.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Dude - there's an award for you at my place as you probably already know. Come and get it.