Thursday, August 21, 2008

The nominal daddy

I usually associate the word nominal with spacecraft and other incredibly complex systems. But I reckon it’s great for parenting as well. If I told Mrs. Lemming that LLLL and I had a great time while she was away, then she’d feel unappreciated. Conversely, if I said it was horrible, she’d feel guilty. But nominal is just like the little bear’s porridge; by definition it requires that all parameters are operating within their correct range.
Eating? Nominal.
Sleeping? Nominal.
Play? Nominal.
Figuring out how to drink bathwater out of the floaty toys? Nominal.
Those special individual moments between father and child which we cherish forever? Nominal.
I’m going to bed soon, but I hope you all have a nominal Friday.


Silver Fox said...

Nominal photos!

Anonymous said...

You know you've been looking at too many lolcats when you see the word "nominal" and think "nom nom nom"...

C W Magee said...

I can haz NASA?

Steve Bloom said...

Chuck, don't think for a moment that the lack of a "Absence of Mommy observed with appropriate display of emotion?" parameter has not been noted in your permanent record.