Sunday, June 15, 2008

Best paper line

I wish I could write like Gault 1949 in this century:

Since 1940, because of the great war demand for quartz oscillator-plates in the radio industry, added impetus was given in the United States to the study of quartz and its twinning by the work of Armstrong, Bond, Frondel, Gordon, Hurlbut, Parrish, Stoiber, Willard, and others. No attempt will be made to cite all of the references; some are noted in recent papers by Frondel, Parrish, Hurlbut, Gordon and others.

(emphasis mine)

On ya, mate.

And good on the Mineralogical Society of America for putting old papers like this online for free.

Gault, H. R. 1949. The frequency of twin types in quartz crystals. American Mineralogist 34 142-162.

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