Friday, April 25, 2008

Torch relay smashing success for China

So, the Olympic torch relay came and went yesterday, and the lemming family escaped unscathed. The media are all calling it a success and a demonstration of Australia’s ability to host events.

What happened was this:
Amid fear of interruptions by Tibetan protesters, the Australian police put a huge cordon of security around the torch. China responded by busing tens of thousands of students and other expats in from the big east coast cities, creating a sea of red.

And while the police and TV cameras were occupied with the running of the torch and the area immediately surrounding it, gangs of Chinese toughs roamed the streets after the cameras and officials passed by, beating the shit out of anyone with gold, blue, or white on. The SMH has details (via Ned Kelly).

The big winner, or course, is political correctness. After all, symbolic security was perfect. The torch went around inner Canberra like clockwork. With that success, who cares about the safety of the people who actually live is this town?

And while the relative morality of genocide vs. imperialism can be debated, there is no doubt that this time around China is more media savvy than the pro-tibet folks. After all, they played the Australian media and security forces like a fiddle. In contrast, I reckon that the Tibetan activists can be their own worst enemy. I mean, duh, who started the torch relay tradition back in ’36?

Jon Stanhope said, “I uphold utterly the right of anyone to use the leg of today's relay as an opportunity to have their voice heard”. What he meant was, “In order to make everything look slick, we will let the Chinese government and their henchmen chose who gets to express their opinion in Australia’s capital today.”

Way to advance Australia fair, Jon. And it is my deep regret that the blanket of PC conformity that now smothers the Australian nation prevented this sort of thing from happening again.

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Dave S. said...

I feel you. We had a pretty fun time in San Francisco with the torch relay, especially since our mayor decided to play hide and seek with the torch. Stupid.

I ended up taking a bunch of photos of there, err... festivities as well.