Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Paleontology Promotion Day

Yesterday’s post made the strong implication that paleontologists were somehow more ethically challenged than most other scientists. I don’t think that’s fair. One of the things that pisses me off about this affair is that I know of similar cases in various subfield of hard rock geology, where junior researchers and students were taken advantage of by superiors or collaborators. None of those people had the documentation or the determination to press their cases, but it means that I find it especially disappointing when a group of young shafted researchers does manage to put a case together, only to be denied a fair and impartial venue to hear the case.

So, in fairness to all the good guys who study bones, shells, pollen, leaves, molecules, etc. I’d like y’all to plug your favorite paleontologist. Somebody who reflects well on the tribe of scientists. Someone who you think is a positive role model for those millions of six year olds who are in love with dinosaurs and archaeocyathids.


Mel said...

Frankie Jackson, not just because I know her, but because I know how she approaches science. She is very thorough, is cautious about what she concludes, and is a positive female role model. She is also very involved in geoscience education projects, so she is making a positive contribution to public percptions. (If she saw this post she is also very humble and would be embarassed by the pariase ;-)

Eric said...

You beat me to it Mel; I would just add that Frankie also holds her drink, and would be a good person to have watching your back in a bar fight.

One day, perhaps, we can say J. Bonde, eh?