Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Geological version of iTunes iChing

Yami has been befuddling me with iTunes iChing for quite some time now. Part of this is because she uses a diVination method that seems to be rooted (so to speak) in some sort of pre-enlightenment mystical mumbo-jumbo, and does not use proper geologic terms. Therefore, the first step towards making this system comprehensible is to translate the original names of the cards. As far as I can tell, the most direct translation is the one that follows:

  • Covering: Regolith
  • Crossing: Intrusions
  • Crown: Stratigraphy
  • Root: Basement
  • Past: Geochronology
  • Future: Modeling
  • Questioner: Investigator
  • House: Institution
  • Inside: Lab equipment
  • Outcome: Journal of publication

Let us test this diVination method. Obviously I don’t want to talk about my upcoming field season, but kids are always good fortune-telling material. So, Oh great and glorious iPod, what will my child surprise me with next?
  • Regolith: Nutcracker Act I,4 (presents of Drosselmeyer) (Tchaikovsky)
  • Intrusion: I’m a man (Yardbirds)
  • Stratigraphy: East Wes (Eric Johnson)
  • Basement: Happiness (Orson)
  • Geochronology: Heartful of Soul (Yardbirds)
  • Modeling: Marriage of Figaro Act III, Ecco la Marcia (Mozart)
  • Investigator: Best of Friends (Joan Baez)
  • Institution: I’ll take care of you (Dixie Chicks)
  • Lab: Boom Boom (Animals)
  • Journal: Ride across the River (Dire Straits)

Hmm. Dunno about this man and marriage thing. Looks like I might have to lock up my daughter early.

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