Thursday, December 13, 2007

No more book rate

I went to the post office during my holiday last week, to send myself some college books that are once again useful to me as a result of my recent job change. To my dismay, I found that the USPS no longer offers any surface mail services overseas. So the book rate no longer exists. Does anyone out there know of any alternative ways of shipping large volumes of books overseas affordably?


Sara said...

isnt it strange? i thought i was going crazy when i couldnt find the rate info on the website.

ive heard that "shipping" them on the plane can be cost effective, just paying the extra charge for extra luggage/weight may be cheaper than the post office.

C W Magee said...

I thought about that, but while cost-effective, it is a bit of a pain if also wrangling a baby.

Unknown said...

I don't know where you are located, but if you are in southern California, there is a company:
(northern Calif)
Vina Quick Intercontinental Express
500 Carson Plaza Dr., #107
Carson, CA 90746

(southern Calif)
14341 Beach Blvd., #J
Westminster, CA 92683

toll free: 888)365-8462

This company ships things at a reasonable rate, at least better than USPS. Check it out and leave a comment.

Unknown said...

yep. it seems that international book rate (surface) which was more specifically book & sheet music rate (distinguished from printed matter)had gone the way of time.

I believe -- but cannot verify -- that the Berne convention for international postage let all the money losing rates disappear.

For domestic mail there is always media mail. But sending books from Los Angeles to Guinea-Bissau is going to cost lots these days.

There is one 'free' rate that I think still exists. That's 'media for the blind-surface'.

But don't try putting anything else than what it's intended for. The post office does have the right to inspect if the contents conforms to what its state use is.

Sivy said...

It is not only the International Book Rate that has gone, sending packages overseas by surface mail has also been discontinued.

I consider it a scam to get more money out of captive customers. Since container ships are cheaper to operate and easier to keep cargo sorted than previous ships, what's the problem? Can't there be a mail container on nearly every container ship a port?

The new policy hits immigrants real hard as it becomes very costly to send gifts overseas.

All my children and grandchildren live in New Zealand. When I send them a package, the postage often costs more than the contents. If I fy there, I can take about 100 lbs of gifts in addition to my personal effects. My round trip airfare isonly a little more than the postage for 100 lbs.

Bring back the gullotine!