Friday, November 02, 2007

Hose rage

When the IPCC tries to calculate the number of people likely to lose their lives as a result of climate change, do they include this sort of fatality?


Anonymous said...

Extraordinary, isn't it? Using the hose is out altogether here. As it should be.

And the irrationality doesn't end with murderous strangers. When water restrictions got serious a few years ago, various people put bores in, and now their lawns and ovals are green but it's okay, because they've got that most ironic of signs - "Bore Water Used". There isn't even any restriction on the use (!)

I'll only be satisfied once they sink their bores into the mantle. Plenty of water down there... maybe.

on-the-rocks said...

So much for respecting your elders!

The anonymous phone call to the authorities would have been the safer option. I have done that over someone illegally burning limbs and brush during a drought. I thought that a city policeman would stop by and say "Hey dude, Stop it!", I didn't know the illegal burner would be visited by a fire truck and the associated commotion.