Sunday, July 22, 2007

All about the baby

By far the hardest part of the new job is that it requires me to be away from my wife and daughter for extended periods of time. In fact, this last trip ended up being something like 20% of LLLL’s entire life thusfar. And there were plenty of changes to be observed when I got back.

First of all, she is huge. Her head was bigger, and although her hair was longer, it seemed to give a similar amount of coverage. From this observation, I surmise that her rate of hair growth is the square of the rate of head circumference increase, assuming a constant number of follicles.

Her cries developed syllables. This must be the beginning of speech.

She went up a nappy size, and has transitioned into larger, less frequent poos (Mrs. Lemming gave me the opportunity to change a nappy in the airport change room immediately after getting off the plane).

She smiles much more convincingly, and laughs, and gurgles.

Despite all the changes, she is just as cute as ever.

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