Saturday, June 02, 2007

More on the climate change report

Take a look at the cover photo:

Being scientists, we can appreciate the beauty of our home planet, while also taking a more analytical view of its climate:

It appears that this picture was taken around August or so- note the northern position of the ITCZ, the tropical cyclone in the Western Pacific (see original for better pic), the open water in the Arctic ocean, and the northerly position of the Southern Ocean cold fronts. These cold fronts are responsible for all of Australia's snow, and most of its winter rain. Most global warming predictions suggest that these will become weaker as the planet warms, and that is the primary mechanism thought to cause reductions in Australian winter precipitation. So the report cover illustrates the exact features which an ineffective climate change program would fail to preserve.

Any weather nerds out there able to tell me the date of this photo?

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