Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I’m off for summer holidays- so see all you folks in January. I'll come back when I grow weary of beautiful beaches and summer fun. A few parting points:

Before your Christmas celebrations get too involved, please spare a kind word for Sabine and her dog Griff. Griff was shot and wounded by a depraved redneck grinch four days before Christmas. I hope he gets well soon.

And now, the merriment.

The writers of Inky Circus have given us a new science magazine, Inkling. Move over Seed, there's a new game in town. I'll even forgive their starting the subtitle with a preposition.

If I ever get sick of measuring stuff, I might have a new career as an SEM model. I was filmed acquiring backscatter images of either Antarctic sphenes or Brazilian monazites while over at biology earlier this month. Why so few actual biologists are in these pictures makes me somewhat suspicious.

Holiday cooking:
Brownies, by Miss Prism
Margarita meringue, by Yami
My Pecan Pie
Apple Pie by Clifford
Tapioca and eggnog, by Sara

If I’ve missed your holiday recipe, I apologize. Post a link in comments.


Jul said...

I opened a bag of Zimtsterne - does that count as holiday cooking?

Geek with Wings said...

Thanks for the lurve Lab... Happy New Year!

Word Imp said...

Thanks for the recipes. I'll see if the brownies are better than mine. Holiday well. Summer in the southern hemisphere is the best place to be for Christmas isn't it?