Sunday, September 24, 2006

A few quick notes:

On Friday, the last day of winter, we had a total fire ban. This does not bode well for summer.

I hope to write up a cool talk I went to see on the dating of Ethiopian hominid fossils, but this blog explains why they are interesting way more eloquently than anything I could write.

The Atlantic Hurricane season may be winding down, but you can still find updates here.

From the Bad Astronomer, a great update on Brown dwarfs, and a link to the homepage of Thierry Legault, who takes amazing astronomical pictures.

And finally, a search engine roundup:

Recently, I’ve been getting a statistically meaningful number (around 20-25%) of search requests for “Pluto conspiracy”.

Geologic mnemonics and various Bunsen burner queries are also represented more than once. As for the singletons, here are some highlights:

Donate a testicle to science
Australian nuclear weapons
Plausible deniability standard
Salt dough cockatoo
Duck egg cookies
Nitrogen trifecta system
what does it mean by when “only boys accepting feminism get kissed meaningfully”
steve irwin jfk diana
How intelligent are oysters?
steve irwin jfk diana
give me a catchy title for a science si unit lab

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