Friday, June 02, 2006

And I thought “Nanny Government” was just an expression

Today the Australian federal government has announced a plan to electronically track every Australian child in day care. I guess their idea is that if you want to impose a New World Order, you might as well catch ‘em young. The scheme, reported here, will require every parent or guardian to clock his or her child into and out of day care using either a swipe card or a PIN number. Parents will not be allowed to pick their children up without this computerized approval.

What practical effects does this have? First of all, the government, simply by deleting the access data, can prevent parents from legally collecting their child. In the mid-20th century, the Australian government confiscated thousands of aboriginal children. Now it can take babies of all race and ethnic backgrounds. Think of it as a bold stroke against racism.

Of course, the real purpose of this system is to create a cyber-Mecca for pedophiles. By breaking into this system, a would-be abuser would have access to the daily routine of every child in the country. The government is creating, at taxpayer expense, the perfect electronic resource for kidnappers, sex-offenders, and other perverts.

The government’s cover story? The system will prevent child-care subsidy fraud.

The opposition’s response? We think this might be too expensive, and a burden on parents.

What planet am I on?

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