Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where on (Google) Earth? #17

This one might look a bit intimidating at first, but applying geologic principles instead of pattern recognition should make it easier than it appears.

A world geologic map might help too.

If former winners could give the public a 24 hour head start, that would be great. As always, an explanation of the method used and the geology featured is a welcome bonus. And everyone is welcome to talk to each other in comments to get on the right track.

Original Where on (Google) Earth series here.


sagan said...

30°58'S 128°27'E

flat, no creek drainage patten,karst with sinkholes,
try the Nullabor especially as the vegitation looks like spinifex rings.

Chuck said...

That was disgustingly fast.
You're up for 18.

Brian said...

jeez...this installment was sent out and solved while i slept...nice

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Well done.

sagan said...

Sorry, no blog so I can't do #18, also I'm sorry for forgetting to check my spelling.