Sunday, August 03, 2014

Volcanoes in the mist

Flying home from Singapore on a rare daytime flight, I was fortunate enough to pass over easternmost Java in a window seat.  Unfortunately, although I was looking for volcanoes, one effect of volcanoes (or any large mountain) in the tropics is that they tend to generate rainfall, so most of them were mostly obscured by cloud.  Despite this, I did get some glimpses here or there through the clouds.  And the coastlines and reefs of Java, Bali, and Lombok were fantastic in any case.

The first picture, taken over eastern Java, shows Balarang in the upper left. Ijen and Raung are covered in cloud, as is most of the western Bali hills beyond.

In the second picture, mount Angung on Bali is barely peeking out of the clouds on the far left, while Mt. Rijani on Lombok can be seen protruding from the clouds in the center

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