Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

I grew up and went to college in America, and most of my friends are still there.  My friend Julie, however, headed off across the Atlantic not long after graduating, about the time I first went to Australia.  We have both been mostly overseas since. Having crossed opposite oceans, we've only caught up in person three times since then, in three different countries, but we try to keep up electronically, in part through our blogs.  Hers is much better than mine- so go read that if you're bored here- and for a while she had a theme if bizarre "Do not X" signs pulled off the various mass transit systems of Europe.

The last place I saw Julie and her husband Scott was Tokyo, a year ago.  Sadly, they're stuck in the rainy part of Europe this year.  But I'm back in the land of blossoms, bows, and raw horse, and dedicating this post to my friends.

Try not to get bashed in the head by a boom gate, guys, and hopefully the next year will bring more adventure than the last.

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