Saturday, October 05, 2013

The wood between the worlds

I’m typing this blog post on the airport wifi, while sitting in a lounge chair with full AC power.  Behind me, the waterfalls of the koi pond water gently tinkles, while to my left, the butterfly garden gently sleeps in the pre-dawn darkness.  I’m in Singapore airport, the long-haul air travel version of Narnia’s wood between the worlds.  

Singapore airport is everything LAX isn’t.  Spacious, relaxing, and accommodating to visitors, be they on the ground for half an hour or half a day.  As a long-haul transfer point, they know that people will need to stop somewhere, so they try to make themselves as attractive as possible to travelers.  It works, more than 50 million people came through here last year, most bound for somewhere else.

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